Parker Enterprises investigation



Adrian Parker is the CEO of PARKER ENTERPRISES, a financial investment firm in Idaho Falls. Through a series of anonymous leads, the Snake River Bureau of Investigations has probable cause to believe Mr. Parker has acquired millions of dollars in stolen gold bars. At just over $40,000 per bar (1000g), the SRBI believes Mr. Parker uses his office for selling the gold bullion. 


The SRBI has a signed search warrant to investigate Adrian’s office. 

As a criminal detective for the Snake River Bureau of Investigations, it is up to you to recover what remains of the gold bullion. 



Private Room

Recommended for 2-8 players

(Call to book more than 8 players)

Difficulty level: moderate 

Atleast one smart phone is required for this room. 

Admission: $17.50

Student: $15.00*

Military/First Responder: $15.00*

Children Up to 6 yrs: FREE

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